How You Can Help

Please fill out this form to contact a committee if you have a question or would like to volunteer. Select the proper committee from the drop down list. Please see a description of the committees below this form. Thank you.
We can always use people on the committees.

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Accounting - to maintain spreadsheet on donations.

Communication/PR/Community Outreach - – to get the word of the Rebuild out to the community at large via fliers, booths at street fairs, emails, etc.

Corporate/Business Outreach - to solicit local businesses (i.e.- O&R, Avon, etc) to get involved and support our cause.

Correspondence - to answer Rebuild correspondences- ie- thank yous, letters and computer emails.

Events - run and chair independent events to raise money and spread the word about the Rebuild.

Grants - to research and file grants with corporations.

Newsletter -  to assist with the biweekly publication of the email Rebuild Newsletter.

Tabling - volunteer to man the Rebuild Hi Tor table at various venues such as the Palisades Center Mall to spread the word about the Rebuild and collect donations.