All Systems Go! Rebuild Hi Tor Kicks Off Fundraising Campaign!

Rebuilding Hi Tor Animal Care Center is a big task, but not insurmountable. The new effort to rebuild was heralded at a press conference outside the shelter on July 11, 2012. Roberta Bangs, Hi Tor Board President, announced the beginning of a capital fundraising drive to raise a minimum of $650,000 to build a new shelter three times the size of the current facility. Local fundraising powerhouse Donald Franchino is heading up the Rebuild Hi Tor fundraising efforts. Don has run several other very successful local fundraisers including the Highview Playground in Nanuet, and the Little League Fields of Nanuet. Hi Tor is asking the county for a 99 year lease of the 10 acres of land around the current site at the cost of $1. The Rebuild Hi Tor effort will pay for the new shelter facility. The fundraising is not limited to funds but also donations of services. Donated work by electricians, plumbers, carpenters, masons and sheet metal specialists would help reduce the cost of construction.

Please spread the word about our cause and have anyone who is interested in volunteering contact Rockland County’s animals will finally get the shelter they so deserve!

To read more about our efforts, please click here to download a PDF of our entire newsletter.

Information on Committees Forming Now

Committees- for all you new members or those who find that they have a little more spare time now to help- see our Committee list below.

Join on to help! The more people helping, the more we can accomplish!!

Committee Description

We still need more Committee people to help us with our cause to Save Hi Tor! See below and sign onto a Committee. You will help to save many lives!

Email to join on!


Political Outreach- contacting our local politicians (Town and County) to document their position on Hi Tor’s funding as well as elicit their help in our venture.

Petitions- start a petition on and monitor and promote people signing on.

Demonstrations- to organize and promote local Demonstrations especially at our local Governmental Offices.

Fundraising- to organize and promote Fundraising efforts either independently or in conjunction with Hi Tor directly (including donation tables outside Pet Supply stores and reaching out to student groups to encourage fundraising efforts).

Corporate/Business Outreach- to solicit local businesses (ie- O&R, Avon, etc) to get involved and support our cause.

Community Outreach- to get the word of Hi Tor’s plight out to the community at large via fliers, booths at street fairs, emails, etc.